How to activate H2OS



When H2OS is installed, it is automatically activated for a 30 day trial period beginning with the installation date. After the trial period ends, an activation code must be entered to continue using the product.


When you've completed testing H2OS in your environment and wish to proceed to purchase the product, contact H2OS Customer Service to make payment and obtain an activation code.


To enter the activation code, navigate SETUP -> LICENSE & REGISTRATION, as shown here:






The License and Registration screen looks like this:




Click the ACTIVATE button to bring up the Product Activation form:





Enter your activation code


After typing (or copy/pasting) the code into the Activation Code entry fields, press ENTER (on the rightmost of the 4 fields) and the  ACTIVATE button will light up (become click-able).  Now click the activate button, and a message will appear confirming the code has been entered.






Re-activating your installation


If you have already activated H2OS for one type of installation (stand alone workstation) and wish to upgrade your installation

to LAN Server, repeat the above sequence with your new activation code.