How to access the SITES table



This is not something you will normally need to do, as H2OS will automatically check the SITES table for address information for newly added customers.  If a site record exists for a newly added customer, the operator is asked if information about the site should be restored. Information includes things like the number of zones installed. For details, see restoring site information


This use of the SITES table aside, if for any other reason you need to access this table, you can do so using the FILE->OPEN menu, and then navigate to the SITES table in the treeview display, double click the word SITES and it will become the current database.  When you are done with the SITE table, you can switch back to your Customers database by selecting FILE->REALCUS on the menu.


And, now that you've OPENed the SITES table, it's name will appear in the FILE pulldown menu for future "fast switching" to make it the current database.