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How to pack database tables

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The PACK command

The PACK command is used to pack your customers database table.



The "PACK ALL" menu item, as the name implies, performs a PACK operation on your H2OS customer and job tables and also your profile (control) tables.


PACK ALL first specifically PACKS the customer table, and then the job tickets table. It then obtains a list of DBF's that exist in your PROFS folder, connects each exclusively, and PACKs each.


If the trace is on when this runs, it will produce a list of actions taken and the result (table names and record counts before and after for each table). The trace will also contain messages for errors encountered, if any occurred, such as missing FPT/CDX. Problems encountered during this operation are reported in the TRACE and then skipped/ignored by this process.


When PACK ALL is done, the system must be restarted. A message will appear saying this.


PACK ALL screenshots


To run PACK ALL, select Librarian->Database Utilities->Pack ALL





When launched, this message will appear




You can view the results of this operation by turning the trace on before launching it and then inspecting the TRACE page.