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Getting Started with Customer Messages Individual Customer Messages

Batch Customer Messages

Maintaining Customer Messages
About Customer Messages
Customer messages FAQ
Installing Customer messages
How to use customer messages
Caution with sending messages
The Tel, E-Mail page is used by Customer Messages
When to send customer messages
Customer messages preview mode
HTML format e-mail
The Customer messages page
Customer Messages Notes Library
All messages are stored in the notes library
Create a new customer message
The customer messages Notes library
Change an individual message
Text merge substitution keywords

Method of Contact
Method of contact
Message sending methods
Sample text message
Sample telephone call list
Sample e-mail message
Sample printed (letter) message
About individual customer messages
Individual customer messages process
Create a customer message
Sending individual customer messages
Customer messages on the Cust Status page
About batch customer messages
Customer Message jobs
Create a customer message job
The customer messages job record
The message jobs library
Message job plans
About message job plans
Create a new plan
Change a plan
Schedule a plan
Delete a plan
Customer Message operations
Batch customer messages process
Customer Messages procedures
Change a customer message job
Customer messages errors
Run a customer messages job from the message jobs library page
Run message jobs from the Schedule page
Run selected jobs from the Schedule page
Automated Customer scheduling
Schedule a customer message job
Schedule a recurring customer message job
Sending batch customer messages
Automatic scheduling notices
Customer Message jobs manager screens
Customer Messages Jobs Manager
Customer messages jobs schedule page
Customer messages: job plans page
Customer messages jobs library page
Customer messages jobs history page
customer messages - jobs controls page
Sample applications for Customer Messages
Setup and run a batch message job, example
Message to sell added service while on-site: (gutter cleaning)
Message to customers on today's schedule
Message to schedule Spring system turn-ons
Message to schedule Fall system blow-outs
Messages for mid-summer special offer
Messages for mid-summer special offer
Message for job completion, thank you note
Message to follow-up for an estimate given
Message follow-up thanking customer
Example: batch machine launches customer messages to run ready scheduled jobs
Maintaining Customer Messages
Installing new sample notes, jobs and plans