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There are several ways to get help with H2OS:



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H2OS Customer Guide

Person Telephone.
  Remote console



H2OS Customer Guide


For the latest version of this guide:










This Customer Guide is our primary source of reference information about H2OfficeSolutions. Thanks to technology this Guide is more of a living document then a printed book, as it reflects ongoing improvements in our product itself and it's documentation.


A copy of this guide is published on-line and it's usually more up to date then the distributed (h2os.chm) version of the file, so it's the best place to look for the most current developments. You can download and install the latest version of the guide using the Downloads page.


In addition to the information in this guide, we also provide customer support via email, telephone, our on-line forum and, when available and useful, a remote console connection


We prefer email reports and exchanges because:







Most H2OS screens have a 'short help' command button which you can click for information about the particular screen or page you are viewing.   


Clicking this command will bring up a screen with some help information about the current screen or tab page, and links to further reading on the subject.


For example:




Clicking the ShortHelp command brings up a window like this




Many fields on H2OS screens use tooltips to explain the field's purpose.  


In the example below the mouse was hovered over the SELECT A REPORT NAME pulldown menu field and the tooltip has appeared


Note: the mouse is hovered over the menu field, not the words "Select a report name"


Figure 1:, hovering a mouse over the "Select a report name" pulldown menu on the Reports page brings up the tooltip for the field  






 You can call us 9-5 EST weekdays. At other times leave a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.



Please feel free to e-mail us at any time


Remote Console


See this topic on remote console usage