Downloads page


From time to time we publish updates to H2OS on our website that you can download and install using the Downloads page.


New features and ongoing product enhancements typically include a new executable (program), and may be accompanied by changes to one or more of H2OS's supporting tables.


If DOWNLOADS changes need to be installed in conjunction with a new release, the release notes accompanying the release will include a direction to use the DOWNLOADS page to perform the installation of one or more of these libraries.


This page is used for standalone workstations and LAN servers, and will not appear (and cannot be selected to appear) on H2OS LAN Workstation installations, which obtain their updates from the LAN server (which is used to download updates using it's DOWNLOADS page). For more information on workstations see Workstation Downloads


After product installation, and H2OS product maintenance is activated, the DOWNLOADS page will include a checkbox option to obtain the latest H2OS release, as shown here:







Checking the "Latest H2OS Release" checkbox brings up these choices




To check the LIOS website for a newer release of H2OS then is presently installed, click "Run selected download". Allow some time for the check to be made, and a message will appear indicating you have the latest release - or saying that a more current release is now available.


I'll select libraries from list

Select this option if you wish to install a specific library, usually on recommendation from our Customer Support staff.


When you select "I'll select libraries from list", the list of currently available libraries will appear on the right side of the page, as shown here





You can now check one or more of the libraries list that you wish to update. When ready, click "Run selected download" to perform the download and installation of the selected libraries.


Note that the DOWNLOADS will also check to see if there is a more recent release available, and, if so, will ask if you wish to install it now.


Click "Rel Notes" to view the currently published H2OS Release Notes which detail the changes made for each new H2OS release.


The chart below shows how each of the tables named on the Downloads page are processed. Some libraries can only receive new records, and others are fully replaced.


This methodology lets H2OS distribute new commands without interfering with a customers existing commands. Only commands with unique command names will be added to the H2OS commands library by the DOWNLOADS page. This preserves all previously existing commands, some or all of which may be customer modified.


Also see tooltips on the DOWNLOADS page for each of these libraries.




Additions only




? Shorthelp



The FORMS table (which contains shorthelp topics) is completely replaced

Commands, filters



Download installs only new FILTER commands  (the filter command name in the COMMENTS field is used as an identifier for this purpose).

Commands, H2OS



Download installs new H2OS commands (per the command name in the NAME field).

Commands, SQL



Download installs only new SQL SELECT commands (per the command name in the SQLDESC field).


Export Controls





Installs new export controls








Replaces Features list (see Help->Features)








Replaces Holidays table used by scheduling




the images zip file is downloaded and unzipped into the H2OS IMAGES folder (c:\h2os\images). This action will add new files to this folder and replace same-named files.


Be aware that this operation will not erase any files that exist in the  IMAGES folder without counterparts in the current H2OS distribution library. This permits customers to have their own images in this folder that will not be touched by H2OS.




The H2OS Interview table is completely replaced.


Existing responses to interview questions are not changed.




Only new BASE pages are added to this machine by the DOWNLOADS page. Page names for this purpose are the visible names in the tab pages on screen.





The REPORTS table is backed up (to the BACKUPS folder) and then completely replaced.





The TIPS table is completely replaced