Database search tool (the FIND command)


The FIND command is used to launch the Database Search Tool, which is more powerful then the Search command line in that you can have the search include more fields then are included by that method.


For really comprehensive database searching, please see About Filters and the SQL Select command.


To launch the Database Search Tool, click either the FIND or SEARCH commands.


By default the Database Search Tool will search all (character) fields in your customers database for the keyword you enter


A screen like this will appear:




Enter your search word and click SEARCH


For example, searching for the word "main"



Click SEARCH and a message like this will appear





Click OK


View the selected records using the generic browse screen, and click/select the row containing the desired customer.





Click CLOSE and then CLOSE again on the Database Search Tool window.


When the main screen is displayed again, the customer you have selected in the Browse window will be the current record.