Customizing the pages toolbar


To customize your Pages Toolbar (that is, add and remove icons representing tab pages in the toolbar), use the Pages Toolbar Controls screen.



There are 2 ways to launch the pages toolbar controls screen



1. Right click within the Pages Toolbar. This will bring up a menu (with 1 selectable item at this time) to get to the Pages Toolbar Controls




2. Select Setup->tab pages->tab pages toolbar manager on the menu system:



The Pages Toolbar Controls screen








Using the Pages Toolbar Controls screen

You can use the Pages Toolbar controls screen to


1. select pages you wish to appear in the Pages Toolbar from those available

Select a page by finding the page name in this list and check the checkbox for the page in the SHOW column.

De-select a page by finding the page name and unchecking the checkbox in the SHOW column


2. associate icons (image files) with tab page names


Click the icon image that you wish to change. The Windows navigator will appear. Use the navigator to locate the image file you wish

to use for the page.




  1. The pages shown on the pages toolbar controls screen are arranged alphabetically within two groups, the first group (at the top) consisting of the pages that are currently selected,  and the 2nd group contains all unselected (and available) pages.

  2. To change the icon/image associated with a given the tab page (the icon/image that will appear in the toolbar), click on the icon image in the Page Toolbar Controls screen, and then use the Windows Navigator to locate a desired (replacement) icon/image file.

  3. The Pages Toolbar Controls screen shows only your currently active pages (that is, pages that are current selected to appear in an active pageset). Use the tab page distributor to assign pages to pagesets. Once a page is assigned to a pageset, it will also appear in the list of available pages shown in the Pages Toolbar Controls screen.