Customizing the Employee Schedule screen



To customize the appearance of the Employee Schedule screen, click the SETUP command button on the Employee Schedule screen, which will bring up a screen like this:





The Shorthelp ? text for this screen


Use the controls on this screen to make changes to the settings used for the Employees Schedule screen.


Your changes will be applied immediately, so you can see the effect of the change.


Changes made to these controls are temporary until you click SAVE CHANGES. If you click CANCEL CHANGES, these changes will be discarded and your screen will be restored to it's appearance before the changes were made.


You can use these controls to customize these elements of the Employee Schedule screen:


- The background color used to indicate AM and PM jobs

- The display font

- The display font size

- the grid height

- the grid width

- the row height

-grid lines (none, vertical, horizontal, both)



Screen size


In addition to the controls on this screen, you can use your mouse to resize the Employee Schedule window. Your new size will be remembered for the next session (until you change it again). Changes to the window size also affect the size of the grid contained in this window. To change the window size, use your mouse to grab an edge of the screen and then holding your left mouse button down, drag the screen to the desired size.


If you are a small shop with a few employees, you may wish to make this window smaller, conversely if you run a large shop with many employees and jobs, you may with toe make this window wide and/or higher.



Example customized Employee Schedule screen

After resizing (wider) and with different colors and font settings.




With different colors for the AM and PM areas