Customer status page



The customer status page consolidates current customer status information. This page is usually brought on top when the current customer is changed (see notes)


This page contains messages, reminders, flags (special status messages) and some dates that relate to the current customer's status.















"Customer Status"


Page name


Last T/O


This customer's last turn-on date


The most recent completed (DONE/CLOSED) job ticket for a TURN ON



Last B/O


This customer's last blow-out date


The most recent completed (DONE/CLOSED) job ticket for a BLOW OUT  



Customer name




Customer name, from the 1st line of the current customer's name and address



Customer type



(optional) you can use customer types to "categorize" or rank your customers


For example, "Great Customer" compared to  "Average" or "Poor"


You control the list of possible choices. You can use, add to, change and remove customer types from the list of choices installed by default. Simply click the command button to the right of the customer type pulldown field to access the customer types list.



Customer since


Date of this customer was added to H2OS



Last serviced


Date this customer was last serviced, regardless of the type of job performed.


Only completed (DONE or CLOSED) job tickets are used to set this date.




View (last serviced)


Click to review this customer's last serviced (DONE/CLOSED) job ticket



Next service


Contains the date of the next scheduled (open) job for this customer, if any jobs are scheduled for this customer. This field will contain "Not Scheduled" if there is no job on the schedule.



View (next service)


Click to review this customer's next service (INITIAL/OPEN) job ticket



Special notes


Use this area for any special notes related to this customer's service


The SPECIAL NOTES command button to the left of the Special Notes entry field on the CUST STATUS page, when clicked a "picker" screen will appear, from which a canned note can be added to the CUST STATUS text field. The operator can ADD and DELETE notes from this picklist using commands on the screen.


Special notes will be inserted into the next job ticket created for this customer, at which time the operator will be asked if the message should be retained for insertion into subsequent job tickets for this customer.




Always call ahead




When checked the operator is to call the customer before traveling to the work site on the job's schedule date.


When checked this option will add a flag message stating "Always call ahead" to the FLAG messages grid below. These messages will also appear on the printed job ticket.





This grid will contain 1 row for any "flag messages" that apply to this customer.


A few examples of "flag rules" that may add messages to this area:


- There is a balance due on this customer's account.

- This customer has no email address and is flagged for 'no service'

- missing telephone number

- missing email address


No Service customers


The words "NO SERVICE" appearing anywhere in the Special Notes field will trigger a red flag with the words "NO SERVICE")








serious warning


no emphasis




No service checkbox


When checked, this customer has been flagged for no service.



Force this page to be topmost page checkbox


Owing to the importance of information on this page (such as flags and special notes), when this option is checked (as it is by default), this page will automatically appear as the topmost page in the pageset





About dates



Dates that appear on this page are dynamically (automatically) adjusted to reflect new, changed and deleted job tickets.


Last T/O (turn on) and Last B/O (blow out) dates contain the dates of the last DONE (or CLOSED) job tickets for this customer.


If there are no DONE job tickets for one or both of these job types, these fields will appear empty.  





Date field name





Stored in


Last blow out date

customer record


Last turn on date

customer record


Last Service date

customer record


Next Service date

not stored - dynamically obtained as needed


Date record added

customer record




If, for any reason, dates associated with a customer that appear on the CUST STATUS page are incorrect (out of sync with actual job tickets), you can force a correction by bringing up any one of the customer's job tickets and clicking SAVE. This will cause these dates to be re-set from dates in job tickets.



Sample Special Notes


Common Special Notes is a database table that is used to remember stock "canned" notes of a general nature which gives the operator a growing/improving library to choose from. Using stored special notes helps promote uniformity in note taking, and they can be more developed then off the cuff thoughts when tickets are entered.


The operator can bring up the common special notes screen by clicking SPECIAL NOTES on the CUST STATUS page. Pick an item by clicking in it's row and a copy of the item will appear (appended to) the Special Notes field in the CUST STATUS page.


This screenshot shows the Command Special Notes screen launched from the CUST STATUS page.




Click the ADD and DELETE commands on the Common Special Notes screen to add and remove notes in the library.


Change notes by over-typing the text on this screen.