Customer messages FAQ





I don't see the CustMsg command. Where is it?

The CustMsg command has been renamed to MSG. Not all references have been updated to reflect this change, so please be advised these words are interchangeable.   


Can I use customer messages with a different database, e.g. my Prospects database

Yes. Simply change the current database to, in this case, your Prospects database, and all of the functionality of customer messages will be available


Customer messages works with any database you can OPEN in H2OS. Specifically, the database has to be person/business centric and it has to have the necessary contact information


We use customer messages with our internal telemarketing sales program.


What's the difference between individual and batch messages?

Individual messages are created for the current customer and can be sent "right away" or queued for later sending using the Customer Messages page. Batch messages on the other hand are sent to selected groups of customers, which may or may not include the current customer. Batch messages can also be sent now or scheduled for future running.



How does Customer Messages compare to the Notes Sending Machine?


The Customer Messages system is essentially an upgrade of the Notes Sending Machine, but both features will remain available. H2OS Customers using the Notes Sending Machine may consider switching to Customer Messages to gain extra functionality such as multiple contact methods and controls for setting individual customer preferred contact methods. If you do not use the Notes Sending Machine we recommend starting with Customer Messages instead.



Should we tell our customers that we will be sending automated messages?


We recommend advising your customers that they will receive automated messages. When people are aware that they will get such messages they are well received.  



Can a customer opt-out from receiving automated electronic messages?

Yes, customers can opt out of receiving automated electronic messages by clearing the CELL carrier name associated with the customer's Cell Phone number, and by clearing the customer's e-mail address fields. This will cause H2OS to use the customers telephone number for contacts when a contact method is needed..



What skills are needed to use Customer Messages?

Minimally, the operator should be familiar with using Microsoft Windows, H2OS basics and this section of the Customer Guide


There are 2 basic activities related to Batch Customer Messages


Creating messages

Creating messages requires creative input from management/marketing, i.e. deciding what messages are to be sent, to whom, and when and how often to send them.  Management should prepare and authorize sales campaign concepts, create prototype messages, decide recipient qualifications, set a starting date and, if applicable, repeat intervals. Management can review campaign status information using standard H2OS reports


Copyrighting skills are then needed to lay out the presentation of the message, which can be prepared in plain text or HTML format, possibly with embedded text substitution variables. If HTML, the operator will need to have an HTML editor installed that is compatible with H20S (tests okay) and the browser(s) you are targeting. H2OS includes sample messages, and we invite your participation in creating new and improved uses for this feature that can be shared by other H2OS customers.   


Finally there is need for record selection, unless the message will be sent to all customers. For record selection H2OS uses standard SQL SELECT commands. H2OS includes sample SELECT commands that you can use or clone/revise to suit your needs. If the operator is not familiar with SQL SELECT our samples can be studied (and cloned) and there are some excellent on-line tutorials (google "sql tutorial video").


Sending messages

The operator can send individual messages as they are created, or save them for sending later using the Customer Messages page. Similarly, batch message jobs can be sent on command or scheduled to be run later. At this time there is no provision for automated sending of scheduled batch jobs so the operator will need to perform this procedure using the batch messages schedule on the Customer Messages Job Manager screen. .


Can customers reply to customer messages?

Yes. The reply will be sent to the e-mailer's address



Where is the competitive edge?


1. Organization

2. Functionality


3. Efficiency