Build 3.95



Backflow test form not found


H2OS build 94 is looking here for this form:


But the form isn't there ... Workaround: copy doh1013.pdf from c:\h2os\images into this location.

In next build (5.4.01), this form is installed and accessed from:




Vehicles page grid showing last vehicle


Fixed ... Now grid shows 1st vehicle record in table



Email samples

Attaching enotes.dbf - unzip -> c:\h2os\cl\h2os

Only contains 2 notes, but they are a start. Both use substitution to include info from customer records.


Charts - dependencies?

No. Uses MsChart OCX, which is distributed by MS with VFP.

(not Excel or any external product)



Charts tour - show "NEXT" instead of "CLOSE"

when showing a tour, button should say "NEXT ..." and not "CLOSE THIS FORM"

This is done.



Add customer form

I've added ? Help, tooltips and "R" (required field) symbols for name, address and telephone number (each of which are now checked as required fields for new records to be filed).


Remove BACKUP from default pagesets


Done. Still can be selected using tab page distributor (i.e. still a 'base' page). Also updated customer guide "Getting Started" section to include mention of adding this page if the customer has WinZIP installed.




These pages are not auto-centering in full-screen mode:


GRID4, set_order, emailmgr and add_ctl forms now autocenter.



Locator page problem

Fixed: Search on SMITH, but then couldn't use locator page to go from SMITH to SMITH. Now clicking goes from one to the next.



Add record screen

Noticed that, when entering more then 1 customer in a row that the 2nd customer record is being entered in lower case. Fixed by setting field formats for name and address/town to upper case.



Job Site Data: remove "install date"



Remove pages that don't apply

Not sure about this - recommendations?



Downloads page should not appear on LAN Workstations





Support page: videos command

Done. Clicking this command now brings up the Downloads page on the website, where the videos are presently stored. Note that a cookie must be saved for automatic login to the website (because the downloads page is only accessible to logged in visitors)



SQL - move MAKESQL to SQL Select Command History page

Don't recall the reasoning for this. MAKESQL is available on the "SQL Command Edit" screen which appears when ADMIN is clicked on the "SQL Select command history page".  This seems right, since only admin can make or change SQL.



Emailings boilerplate/sample messages

Earlier I sent giwnotes.dbf with 2 sample email messages. Hoping we can use/improve this file to contain useful examples.



Telephone/E-mail page

Now telephone numbers have contrasting background, and notes don't.

Checked the 3-D option - and it's in effect (what we're seeing *is* 3d <G>)