Annual database review



This service is included in the software maintenance plan. It's optional, but strongly suggested.


Each year, you are invited to send us a copy of (a backup) your H2OS database for our analysis and recommendations, if any.


For your privacy, when our analysis is complete, we will delete your files from our computers, and no backup copies are created.


The analysis includes the use of the tools packaged with H2OS that are available for your use, but they may be overly technical in nature. If you are comfortable with such tools, by all means use them and perhaps have us double-check your analysis from time to time.


Things we're looking for include:


1. Missing or too much data in tables


2. Missing tables


3. Corrupted tables


4  Corrupted indexes


5. Bloat (records marked for deletion but not yet removed by PACK)


6. other



The Procedure


1. Create an H2OS backup


2. Copy the backup to Internet storage or DVD


3. Send URL to the backup, or the DVD by mail


4. Allow 30 days for processing.


5. Report is e-mailed to you




The Report


The report will include


1. IVP results


2. Our recommendations for action(s), if any, that should (perhaps must, depending on circumstances) be taken directly on your computers.



Possible actions to be performed on the computer where H2OS is installed.  


1. Perform database index re-generation


2. PACK command to remove customer records marked for deletion


3. Delete 'xyz' file


4. other