Activating the pages toolbar



When H2OS is installed, the Pages Toolbar is included but not activated, thus it will not appear on the H2OS screen until it is activated



As of April, 2013 the pages toolbar, once activated (by clicking the PAGES command) will remain active by default for following sessions.  




To activate (and de-activate)  the Pages Toolbar:


  1. Navigate to setup->options->display

  2. Check the "Show pages toolbar"  checkbox (see screenshot below)

  3. Close the screen and restart H2OS

  4. The toolbar will now appear on your screen

  5. Move and "dock" the toolbar to the desired location (we suggest on top of the screen, below the menu)

  6. Customize the toolbar to contain the right icons  




The "Show Pages Toolbar" checkbox in the setup->options->display controls screen shows the Pages Toolbar has been activated.





After making this change and restarting H2OS, the screen will now contain the Pages Toolbar





Please continue with docking the pages toolbar





1. It's possible to activate the pages toolbar for the current session only (meaning it will not automatically appear when H2OS is restarted), by clicking the     command (or typing the  =pages command).


2. To remove the pages toolbar from the screen during a session, first undock the toolbar. The undocking action will reveal the toolbar now with an 'x' in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar. Click the 'x' to remove the toolbar from the screen. If the toolbar has been activated it will re-appear when H2OS is restarted until it's deactivated.


3. The 'activate at startup' checkbox on the Pages Toolbar Controls screen (see below) affects the same control that is checked in setup->options->display, thus they can be used interchangeably (not that you'd want to, just that it's possible. Generally, we favor always having more then 1 way to do something).