About using e-mail to send backups off-site




If you intend to send copies of your backups to an email address, please see the Internet page to setup your email sender's information.





When you specify H2OS is to perform an automatic backup during startup or shutdown, you can also choose one of two available methods for sending a copy of the backup off-site: to an e-mail address or an Internet file server.


To send your H2OS backups to an email address as an attachment.



1. Select either STARTUP or SHUTDOWN



Note: if you are not using automatic backup at startup or shutdown, then the FTP and E-Mail sending options are ignored.



2. Start H2OS and/or use the BKUP command to create a backup.


When a backup is created, the operator is asked to proceed with the sending of the email note with the attachment. If allowed to proceed (or after 15 seconds elapses) the email note with the attachment will be sent.