About the Software Manager

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The Software Manager is a feature we've developed for our internal use that we've include to share with our customers. Select Librarian -> Software Manager on your menu to launch this screen.


Essentially, the software manager contains a table of available software products and a list of products (from this list) that are installed on each of your computers, in the order they are to be installed. This list

can then be used as a guide/checklist to re-install software products on a new/replacement computer.





The role of the Software Manager


The Software Manager feature stores information (that you enter into it's database) about your computers and software products, and it use this information to show which products are installed on your computers. For example, you may have Windows 2000 on one computer and Windows 8 on another, each with different software products, device drivers, etc.


With a database of computers and software products, H2OS can bring this information together to give you much of the information you'll need if you ever have to recover from a problem or attack later. Be sure to always have printed copies of the Software Manager report handy and not only stored on your computer (obviously!).


The current version the Software Manager is included with the H2OS product installation, and ongoing revisions are distributed via routine system maintenance. We will consider your requirements for future enhancements to this feature.



Getting started


The Software Manager is installed with an empty database that the Software Manager screen works with.  


To get started with the Software Manager,


  1. Launch the Software Manager screen (librarian->software manager)
  2. Enter your inventory of available software products into the Software Products Library.
  3. Add one computer for each of your installed computers.
  4. For each computer in your installation, locate the products installed on the computer and drag/drop the product entries from the list on the left into the list of installed products on the right.
  5. Use you mouse to drag/drop items in the "products installed" list up and down into the order by which they should be installed.  
  6. Print a report for each computer and store the report in a safe place.






You may insert comment lines into the sequence of software products to be installed for one of your computers, by click the INSERT COMMENT command, entering the comment, and then moving the comment into proper order within the list. Comments can be handy to indicate actions or reminders needed during the rebuild process, in addition to the installation of software products.


The products list with some comments added (and moved into place before the products referenced by the comments):



Reminder: always be sure to click SAVE CHANGES after adding comments and changing products in these lists.



The software recovery plan report


The Software Recovery Plan reports printed by the Software Manager are an important component of your "disaster recovery" plan, and because the computer on which this information is stored might be the affected computer, you should print and store the Software Recovery Plans for each computer and store these printouts separately.




In summary, to use this feature:


1. Load information about your computers and software products into the Software Manager's tables


2. Print and save Software Recovery Plan reports for each of your computers in a safe place should you need to rebuild one or more of your computers