About the Notes Sending Machine


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The H2OS Notes Sending Machine (NSM) is an optional add-on feature that supports constructing and send e-mailings.


You can select records from your database, insert substitutions into individual e-mail notes, format using HTML,  and send email notes immediately or per your schedule, once or many times.


Furthermore, in cases where you wish to contact all selected customers but don't have e-mail addresses for all, H2OS can print mailing labels for those missing e-mail addresses.


The various controls involved with sending an emailing are stored by NSM in "Job" records. Once setup, an e-mail job can be repeated easily and quickly. You may have several standard e-mail notices you wish to send on the 1st of each month, such as routine job scheduling reminders.



The NSM is job centric.


The process of sending an e-mailing begins with creating a new e-mail job.


The e-mail job record consists of record selection criteria, the e-mail note to be sent, and the scheduled date/time for the e-mailing to be sent.  


Once a job is setup, it can be run immediately or scheduled for running at a later time/date. It can also be setup to use the H2OS Batch Machine to automatically repeat sending e-mail jobs, each job  selecting and using then-current data, such as job dates.


To launch the NSM, select Email -> Notes sending machine on the menu:





The Notes Sending Machine screen consists of a pageframe with 5 pages, each for a different aspect of email job management.



The NSM is organized around the concept of 'jobs. Each job has a unique job name, uses a message in the messages library, and a record selection command to select customers for participation in the mailing.


A table in the H2OS database (emailjobs.dbf) serves as a "jobs library" and contains 1 record for each defined job.


Once a job is setup, you can pick and run it at any time. If you have the Batch Machine feature installed,  you can also schedule email jobs to run automatically in the future.







Example: Schedule confirmation reminder notes

In this example,  we will send schedule confirmation reminders each Thursday to customers with jobs scheduled for "next week" (within the next 7 days from 'today', with 'today' being the date the mailing is sent).


To setup this job:


1. create a model email note with the text and data substitutions needed for this purpose,

2. create a record selection command that retrieves database records for customers with work scheduled "next week" (within the next 7 days)

3. give this job a unique name in your notes library, such as "send schedule confirmation reminders" (if this name has not been used already, else use a different variation)

4. schedule this job to be run every Thursday morning


Until you are comfortable and familiar with this process, we suggest you click the JOB PREVIEW command and look over the emails that setup and ready for sending.


When you are comfortable with the emailing, click SEND NOW on this screen, or the SCHED command button for a given job, to add the job to the schedule.


We want to send notes by email, for the obvious benefits, when possible, but because we don't always have email addresses for all recipients, this feature lets us use email for recipients we have email addresses for, and printed materials for the rest.