About the master schedule



The H2OS Master Schedule page is a consolidation of follow-up and action items stored in one or more of these database tables



Each of these tables are optional. We've included them with H2OS because we have developed and used them internally and thought to offer them to our customers.


Use the SETUP command to select categories for inclusion in the Master Schedule.

Dates in Vehicle records are used to automatically create do-list tasks for insurance, registration and inspection renewals for all vehicles.


The SRC column in the Master Schedule denotes the source table for the item

Period ... select a report period to be displayed, such as 'today', "next 30 days", etc.  Note however, that unless the ONLY checkbox (adjacent) is checked,  ALL currently OPEN reminders will appear in this screen.


To view the details for any item in this display, double-click the item. To remove completed items from this schedule, mark the detail record DONE.


Only ....  (checkbox) check this box to limit  this display to reminders within the specified period. Leave unchecked to view all currently OPEN reminders including those within the selected period.


Report ... click to produce a printed report


Setup ... click to setup controls for this page. You can use this screen to indicate which, if any, of the H2OS database files (from the list above) are to participate in feeding your Master Schedule.


A sample Master Schedule:





Click SETUP to view and change the tables that you wish to feed into the Master Schedule.




This chart shows the source table (SRC) names used for these tables, which appears in the Master Schedule page

























System Changes







Marketing follow-ups




Job Tickets



Customer jobs (applies to the H2OS database only)








Ideas table











A "follow-up" is defined as a record in INITIAL/OPEN status in any of the above tables. The ACTIONDATE field in each of these tables contains the follow-up (action) date.


The acronym in the SRC column is displayed in the Master Schedule page for each item on the page, so you can see which table the item is from.


Double-clicking an item brings it up using that table's native edit screen. There is a REPORT button, but it only produces a summary right now.



If there are no open items in any of the tables being tracked, a Go Fishing! message will appear, like this: