About the Prospects database



There are 2 different implementations of the Prospects database, a LOCAL implementation that works in a single workstation or LAN, and an Internet server (MySQL) implementation that works on the Internet.



The Local implementation


The Prospects database is an optional feature that you may wish to activate and use to manage  information about your prospective customers, track your contacts with them, and keep you on track with each through either fruition or loss of the sale.


The rationale for using a prospects database and a systematic approach to marketing is that we know we're not going to sell every prospect in our database, but we also know that if we work the database systematically and perform follow-ups, we can increase the chances of making new customers.


From the onset you should be acutely aware of the discipline this - or any system - requires to deliver it's potential. This acceptance begins at the top, with the boss. It the boss likes the system,  employees will tend to like it. This acceptance is critical, but not enough by itself. Once it's setup and started, people must actually use it by integrating it with their work flow and thought processes.



Getting started


Support for a basic Prospects database application (that fan be used on a single workstation or LAN installation) is included with the H2OS installation, but is not activated by default for new installations because we felt it shouldn't be in anyone's face who isn't going to use it. This is consistent with our general philosophy that you should be in control of what appears on your screens, including menu options and database access.


The steps to getting started with the Prospects database application are to activate the Prospects database and then use the OPEN database sequence to connect it. Once these actions are taken, switching between your customer and prospects database is just 2 clicks.


Please contact us if you are interested in our Internet Server version of the Prospects database, which permits people in multiple locations to share the database.




More information

Please inquire for a copy of a separate guide we have prepared on using the Prospects database.


The Internet (MySQL) Implementation


We also have a more advanced version of the Prospects database that can be shared over the Internet. For more information, please contact Customer Support.