About the Pages toolbar



The H2OS Pages Toolbar is a miniature "ribbon-like" window containing icons for the tab pages that you wish to have quick access to during your H2OS sessions.  During H2OS operation when the operator wishes to view a certain page, he or she can simply click the pages icon in the toolbar and the page will come to the front.


The Pages Toolbar was added to H2OS to address a limitation of the tab page system: because pages are grouped into "pagesets" a desired page may not be in the current pageset, which (before the Pages Toolbar) necessitates changing pagesets and then finding the page in the set.  That's much more tedious then clicking a single icon to bring the desired page to the top. This feature effectively negates the negative aspect of the tabbed pages organization methodology. With it we're encouraged to take further advantage of the building block design it made possible, that lets us add features incrementally via new tab pages (and commands, menu items) without an increase in difficulty of learning and using the product.  



Pages Toolbar examples

The Pages Toolbar as initially activated




Note: If you do not recognize an icon in the toolbar, hover your mouse over the icon to view the name of the page it's associated with, such as the Reports page icon:


An example of a more populated Pages Toolbar (after activation and customizing to add more pages)






Getting started with the Pages Toolbar


Please follow these 3 steps to activate the Pages Toolbar and customize it for your use.


  1. Activate the Pages Toolbar

  2. Dock the pages toolbar in a location on the H2OS screen convenient for you.

  3. Customize the Pages Toolbar to contain icons for the tab pages of your choice