About the H2OS API



H2OS makes available, by separate agreement, a limited SDK (software development kit) which features an API (Application Program Interface) that a Visual FoxPro programmer can use to access the H2OS database.



Command buttons

The key ingredient of the API is the command button. With the SDK you can create your own H2OS command buttons to launch your custom processes.


Using customer defined command buttons, it's possible to add Visual FoxPro programs that can read H2OS data for specialize purposes.




It's very important that custom commands do not change any data in your H2OS database. Custom commands can read any data in the H2OS database, and even create private tables with extracted or summarized data.



Technical review

You can submit your applications for a technical review. Depending on the complexity of the project, we may have to charge for this service.


Format specifications and sample CSV files

H2OS is installed with a folder called SAMPLIB. In this folder are zip files containing record formats (in HTML format) and sample CSV files for each table in the H2OS system. Before using these files, be sure to check with us for upgrades to their content.