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Post-installation follow-ups, such as turn-ons, blow-outs and backflow tests can be ordered individually or under the terms of a service contract. Business generally like service contracts because they make workloads more predictable, and customers are generally receptive to service contracts because they are relieved of the need to order regular services when they are needed, and service contracts often come with a discount offer.


As distributed, the H2OS Service Contracts feature is modeled after a successful application used by a  'founding customer'. If your business does offer, or you would like to offer a customer service contract, please consider the basic H2OS implementation, and list what, if anything, you would need to change to make it useful for your business.



The components of this feature presently include:



The service contract period is defined in this model application as Spring -> Fall, inclusive, which is taken to be the annual period covered by the agreement.


Contracts can include one or more of these services:




Contract records are related to customer records by the customer's FILENO unique identifier


There can be 0, 1 or any number of contracts for any given customer. but only 1 contract is the 'current' contract displayed in the CONTRACTS page.  When more then one contract has been stored for a given customer, the last (most recent per the contract start date) of the contract records is selected.