About screen sizing

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H2OS screen sizing works similar to other Window programs in that you can size the H2OS main screen to minimal, norm and maximized settings.


Additionally with H2OS, your normal (windowed) mode screen can be resized (adjusted higher and or wider), and the new size can be established as the startup default. The "factory default" size window is approximately 1/2 the size of your screen.


Your resizing options include:

1. Window mode

2. Full screen mode

3. Custom screen size



Switching between window and full screen modes is accomplished using the size mode box standard in the upper right corner of the H2OS main screen.


Resizing of window mode screens is accomplished using your mouse and screen resizing handles, and optionally saving the new size for future sessions.



Screen resizing considerations



1. If you switch from window to full screen mode, and then switch back to window mode, the H2OS main screen will revert to the original window size, which will remain the default size after subsequent restart.  Quit and restart and H2OS will appear in default window mode size. At this time,


2. If you switch from full screen to window mode after having started H2OS in full screen mode, you can move the screen around and resize it further using your mouse and standard windows screen handling conventions.


In window mode (only), you can further resize, i.e. change the height and width of the screen, using the resize handlers to set the main screen's height and width. If you wish for the adjusted size to become the default size on startup, right-click in the background area of the main screen and select SAVE CURRENT FORM SIZE.


3. When started in window mode, H2OS always appears centered in the screen.