About pagesets


Pagesets are basically containers for pages. Within the that larger  "pageframe" that appears on your H2OS main screen are one or more pagesets, each of which contains one or more pages.



Figure 1: a sample pageset


Each pageset has a name that is abbreviated to 3 characters which appear in a row across the top of the pageset. To see a pageset's full name, hover your mouse over the abbreviation.


In this example, there are 3 pagesets in use ADM (admin), DAT (database) and H2OS (H2OS specific), and the H2O pageset is the currently selected, thus it and it's pages are visible on your screen.


You can use the Tab Page Distributor to change the pages associated with each of these pagesets.  You can also create a new pageset, into which you can place one or more pages.