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A pageframe system is a named collection of tab page pagesets, with each pageset containing  one or more tab pages.


The H2OS main screen contains a single pageframe on the right side of the form, and in this pageframe appears the currently selected pageset, and names of other pagesets that can be clicked on to select. All of these elements comprise the current pageframe system.


A Pageframe system can contain from 2 to 6 pagesets (and each pageset can contain 1 to approx 15 pages).


The advantage of having pageframe systems is that it provides the operator the ability to custom define page frame systems for different uses of the system. The person working with scheduling jobs doesn't need access to software testing screens, for example.


Default page definitions are stored in a file named C:\H2OS\PROFS\LMPAGES.DBF



To change your page system

You will need H2OS customer support assistance to implement a replacement page system.


The procedure is to change your page system:


In Setup->Options->Display is this line that controls which LMPAGES table is to be used to control the H2OS pages configuration.  By default this field shows LMPAGES.DBF as the default page frame system.