About logs



H2OS records logs for the below listed activities that you can peruse at any time.


Logs are distinguished from control files, although they share the same folder (PROFS)




Log Name





To access


a record for each backup created using the BKUP command


Backup page->View History

Build history

a record for each product build created

Dev only


Build->Build history


The operator's log entries entered using the LOG page

LOG page-> Browse


a record for each command entered on the command line. Duplicate entries are omitted

H command on the main screen




1 record for each email note sent or email job processed

menu E-mail->Notes Sending Machine->Setup Jobs Page-> View E-mail Jobs schedule->history command


Also see the Competed Email Jobs History page


a record for each error that has occurred and intercepted by H2OS

dev only




a record for each export performed

menu librarian->database utilities->export->export history


a record for each import performed

menu librarian->database utilities->import->browse import history


a record for each Internet upload from dev to server

dev only


a record for each maintenance fix installed in H2OS. Use Clear Log command to empty the log and cause all stored table modifications to be processed.

menu -> help -> maintenance log



1 record for each reminder added to the system. Only open (active) reminders are displayed on the Reminders page


Reminds page->Browse





1 set of records for each dev system metric stats collection run



Dev only

Status page->browse

system log

Record of system startups and tracking for customer record deletions (setup to assist with problem solving). Note that H2OS's use of the system log is minimal today, simply including

System->System Log