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Flags are status messages that are used to call the operator's attention to specific conditions which may exist for a given current customer, such as "the customers account balance is over $ 500".


Flag messages will appear in the Cust Status page for the current customer, if any rule-based exceptions are detected.









Flag messages can contain warnings, reminders or other information that relates to an individual or group of customers, as determined by your currently active rules.


Each time the current customer record is changed, the "flag rulers processor" checks the newly retrieved customer record against all currently active rules. If one or more rules match a customer record, each rule's message is added to the Flags shown on the Cust Status page.


To insure the operator sees these messages for customers, the Customer Status page is positioned on top of other pages by default (so it's the 1st screen you'll see when bringing up a customer record)



Flag messages are not saved


The results of flag rule processing (flag messages) are displayed on the CUST STATUS page only and are not saved between sessions.



Flag rule processing

Each time a customer record is retrieved, H2OS will process all currently defined (and ACTIVE) flag rules against the customer record (and it's relations, if any)  to analyze the record for status information  (such as an overdue account balance), events (such as an upcoming birthday), and other possible inspections for a variety of reasons.


When a flag rule matches a customer record (e.g. birthday is today),  a flag is created for the Cust Status page display. Multiple flag rules can match a single customer record, each adding a different flag to the list and all appearing on this page.


The flag messages are then added to the customer's STATUS page, which by default is set to become the topmost page of the H2OS pageset. Thus, each time the operator navigates to a different customer record, the customer status page will appear with that customer record and it will show whatever important status information this yields.