About export



Definition of Export


Export is the process of creating a transportable file that contains a copy of all or selected records (and selected fields) of one or more of your H2OS database tables.  The export file (aka 'Target') can be created in one of several  formats, such as DBF, CSV, TXT, etc. that are compatible with other software products such as Excel. The choice of which format to use depends upon what will be done with the exported file


The benefit of export is that it provides a means to use data stored in your H2OS database with other programs such as Microsoft Excel for analysis, or to provide contact information to a telemarketing company which will contact all or selected customers with a special offer or a reminder to schedule a service such as a Spring turn-on or Winter blow-out.  




The Export Process


In general, the export process consists of:


1. Launching the Export manager


2. Select a pre-defined Export job  


3. Clicking RUN EXPORT


4. Checking the results


5.  Sending the export file to the desired recipient




Export Examples


H2OS is installed with a small set of sample export jobs that you can use as is, or as the basis for "tweaked" variations of the sample. Selecting different fields, or the order of fields, or the order of records in the export file. There are many possible combinations, but once you see how field names are setup in the models, you can create or change SQL Commands in the library to better suit your needs.  


From time to time we create and distribute new sample export jobs, based on customer requests that cannot be satisfied with the existing sample jobs. These updates can be obtained from our website using the Downloads page or the Export Manager screen.






1. If the export file is in DBF format, you can use the Browse command on this screen to view the file