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E-mail, when used judiciously, can be a significant business tool. It can help you to run your business more efficiently by automating contacts of various types. You may wish, for example, to send customers scheduled for work next week an email message reminding them that work will be performed on a certain date, and to call the office if re-scheduling is needed.


Some routine, mundane, lower priority tasks such as follow-ups often fall through the cracks in busy offices, where time is precious. Computers, on the other hand, love to churn away all day long on the most tedious and mundane tasks. E-mailings are one such.


And as these tasks become automated and are performed accurately and regularly, the results will show up in your revenues.


You may wish to send "thank you" email notes to customers after work is completed on their property. Or a notice of a special service or price, etc.  In fact, you can construct a limitless  variety of email messages for many reasons, to be sent on different schedules, for different reasons, with different information in each.


Savings on printing and postage costs can be substantial, and near-instant delivery may be of benefit in some cases.


Because you may not have email addresses for all candidate recipients, H2OS can send email for selected customers who have email addresses, and optionally print messages (or perform some other process for) for the "leftovers", so the message goes out to everyone, but uses email when possible.


H2OfficeSolutions provides some very powerful  capabilities for sending email to one, a selected group, or all of your customers for which you have email addresses.

Email notes can be in text or HTML format and can be setup to include data substitutions from your customer records.


To send e-mail using H2OS:






H2OS provides these methods to format and send email






Write a note


For sending a personal note to the current customer



Pick a note



Sending a "boilerplate" note to the current customer


Notes sending machine


To send an email note to all, or selected, customers






2 email message formats






Plain text




Standard text notes







Pretty notes





2 ways to transmit e-mail






Microsoft Outlook



Use Outlook for sending email


Useful for saving copies of outgoing messages in an Outlook folder



SMTP protocol



Helpful if you don't have Outlook installed, your version of Outlook is not compatible with H2OS.


H2OS software can uses the SMTP protocol to send email directly through your ISP's mail server. See Setup->Options->Internet controls, needed for this feature.


We recommend using SMTP because it's faster and as reliable.



See SMTP versus Outlook comparison



Send only

H2OS email features are "send-centric". There is no provision (save copy/paste) for H2OS to receive email. This is because we believe that for receiving, storing, searching and managing email, one of the highly developed systems, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, et al is a much better choice and we don't want to present a confusing option that wouldn't be better.


But it does make a lot of sense to use H2OS to send email. It's ability to access the H2OS database, select records based on any imaginable consideration for which data exists to support, perform textmerges, format notes using HTML or plain text,  and programmatically that's limited only by imagination.



Textmerge data insertions


H2OS generated emailings can contain text substitutions (places in your email messages where data from your database or other sources is inserted) which you can use for a variety of purposes. For example, the schedule confirmation email includes the date of the scheduled job.



Leftovers aren't left out


When you select customers for a bulk emailing, it's possible that not all of the selected customers will have email addresses (or wish to receive promotional emailings, if this is the case). H2OS calls these customers leftovers from the customer record selection process.


When leftovers handling is specified for an email job, after the email sending process completes, H2OS will take action with the leftovers for the mailing as you've indicated in the job's LEFTOVERS option. You could, for example, print mailing labels or form letters for these customers. Or you could view them on screen for telephone calling.


This procedure gives you 100% coverage of selected customers in 2 parts, the first of which being messages sent directly and essentially no cost, but with leftovers sent the message by other means, thereby assuring the message went out to the largest possible selection.


Having email addresses for all customers can result in considerable savings for printing, mailing and postage costs. This opportunity will encourage staff to ask for and save customer email addresses (and permission to send promotional email, if you intend to send promotional mailings).