About custom data entry forms



First let me mention that we've included this capability in H2OS because it exists within the software "framework" (think "toolkit") that H2OS is built upon, so because it's there we thought better to include it then not.  


Having said that, there are gotchas and caveats with using custom data entry forms. A limitation that can be overcome with custom programming is field validation, i.e. checking data entered into fields to insure it falls into an acceptable range, selection or is otherwise specially formatted. Required fields checking is presently not supported.


For now this subject is under the Prospects Database section, because this is an example of the practical application of custom data entry forms. The facility itself can also be used for the Rolodex application if you have it installed, and future H2OS databases.


A custom data entry form can be most useful when you have a specific list of fields you will be entered into records and don't wish to see other fields in the target record in your entry form.  Also, a custom data entry form can have the entry fields arranged in the order you wish, which can be particularly useful for 'heads down' data entry.



You can also use the Windows clipboard (copy/paste functions) to copy addresses from external sources (such as an Internet screen) directly into new H2OS records using customer data entrry forms. Be sure to read this topic for how this works.