About H2OS operators


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Each person who uses H2OS should have his/her own H2OS operator ID. ID's are linked to authorizations for specific activities (such as Admin mode, which gives the operator the ability to perform additional tasks). Operator ID's are also included in system log file messages.


For convenience with dedicated H2OS workstations, a method is provided to automatically logon  a specific Operator ID each time H2OS is started, so the operator needn't be bothered with having to enter a password each time H2OS is started. Conversely, with a shared computer and multiple operators, we suggest requiring passwords be entered when H2OS is started.


The 1st Operator is automatically created

The 1st operator ID is created automatically by H2OS during product installation with information gleaned from the License record created during installation. H2OS uses the 1st name of the "Your Name" field of the license record as the Operator ID.


A simple password is assigned to this operator ID. Upon creation, this Operator record is presented to the installer for possible change. At this time the installer can change the operator's password.


Operator names and passwords are NOT secure

Be aware that information in your Operator's profile table is NOT secure and can be viewed by anyone with access to this computer's files. The Operator's table contains your Operator's information, including passwords.